Kitty Pickles, 23, was raised by wolves in north-central Alberta. Since she first laid her paws on a black wax crayon she knew that art was her calling. When she discovered that meaningful and beautiful decoration could be permanently added to the human form she refined her focus, she would be a tattoo artist. She runs her own private studio called Holy Crow Tattoo in Kelowna BC, Canada.

    She recognizes that her work is more than “a job”, it has an intimate and permanent impact on people’s lives. Kitty considers tattooing to be a spiritual practice. Collaboration between her and her clients is a sacred communion where they share imagination to manifest the ideal tattoo.

    Inspired by the wonders of nature, her favorite designs usually include animals and botanicals. The styles that Kitty likes best are Blackwork and Neo-traditional. The high contrast, bold lines and elegant designs of these styles stand the test of time, staying beautiful for years to come.

    If you would like to book a consultation or appointment with Kitty, click the link above and fill out the form.